10 tips to packing your luggage

Isn’t packing such a chore? Here are 10 handy tips to help make your packing experience a plain sailing one!

1. Use lightweight luggage

Using a heavy luggage will not only add more weight, you end up paying more for your baggage. Especially when all this weight can be use doing more shopping!

CSC_37081 2. Always keep your valuables with you

Although sometimes we all dream to board the plane without any carry-on luggage, with just a neck pillow, a fluffy jacket and a small bag with your passport and wallet. Still let’s not rule out the possibilities that your luggage might get lost or stolen. So its always good to have a small hand-carry with your laptop, camera and any important stuff with you. Better be safe than sorry !

DSC_372413. Less is more

Everyone tend to pack more clothes than they actually need, just in case right? Instead of having one outfit a day maybe try to mix matching your clothes, the same top with a different bottom or the same bottom with different top. & to be honest we all end up doing so much shopping that we would wear our new clothes instead.

DSC_353914. Roll your clothes & use vacuum pack bag

Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them! Not only will you save space, your clothes will be crease free too. So no worry when your accommodation has got no iron. Traveling with thick jacket? Use a vacuum pack bag and save all your space for more clothes or even better, more shopping loot!

DSC_372915. Keeping your formal shirt wrinkle free

Going for a business trip and worry about your shirt getting wrinkle ? Place dry-cleaner plastic or tissue in between each shirt to prevent it from getting wrinkled.

BeFunky Collage6. Keeping your accessories in place and tangle-free

Wanna spices up your outfit with accessories but your necklace are always tangled up or one side of your earrings are always missing after unpacking? Try slotting one end of your necklace into a straw next time. Or use button for your earrings and pill case for organising smaller jewellery like rings.

DSC_358217. Use cling-film and tape to prevent leaking

Open up your liquid bottle and place a cling-film on the opening and close it back. This way your liquid won’t leak even if the cap is open. For extra safety, stick tape around the lid or the opening of the bottle.

DSC_357118. Use soap or scented drawer liners to keep your clothes smelling fresh

Don’t you hate it when in order to save space, you have to put your dirty and clean clothes together and the clean clothes ends up smelling awful. Just throw in a piece of soap or line the liner on the bottom of your luggage to keep your luggage smelling clean and fresh.

DSC_359119. Use your space efficiently

Start off by packing the bigger and bulkier items and then fill up all the tiny whiny spaces with the smaller items. And make sure to use your shoes; slot in small items like socks, underwear, adapter and all other miscellaneous items into the shoe.

DSC_3575110. Handy ziplock bag

This little thing will be extremely helpful when it comes to organising your stuff. You can plan everyday outfits and separate them into individual bags. It can even double as a laundry bag where you can throw the dirty clothes into that same bag after the end of each day. Not just that, use them to organise your stuff too. You can use one for adapter wire, one for toiletries, one for accessories, any way you like it. & grab a few empty one along too !


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